Women's Beginner Clinics

womens beginner clinic

For many cyclists, getting on the bike and going for a ride is the easy part. What isn't so easy is understanding everything else that's involved with cycling. Join us for a Women's only skills-based clinic to go over the basics of cycling such as when and how to shift, braking and stopping safely, what your saddle height should be, and much more. This will be an intimate setting with other women so that you feel comfortable asking questions that may seem silly or even personal. We will not be covering flat repair. Please click here to attend one of our maintenance clinics.

The Next Women's Beginner Clinic is June 30

We'll meet at 8:45 AM to sign waivers, answer questions, put air in our tires and fill up our water bottles. Please note - this is a clinic, not a ride. The clinic begins at 9 AM and will last about two hours.

Participants must be 16 years of age or older.

Fee: There is a $20 registration fee for the clinic. Please sign up on the clinic registration page. The event is shine only. We will send participants an email with a new clinic date the Friday before if it is rained out.


  • Helmet
  • Bike in good working order (Road, Mountain, and Hybrid bikes all welcome)
  • Water and snacks
  • If you are interested in renting a bike, please contact our rental department  (Helmets are included with rental)

About Laura

Laura Neighbors has spent many years riding and racing, but sharing her knowledge and experience with others is her true calling. Her personality and energy is infectious and her purpose is always centered around having fun, empowering others and helping you become a better, safer rider. With an International Mountain Biking Association certification, she is following her life’s passion to help all riders experience the pure joy that riding a bicycle can bring.


"I cannot say enough good things about this clinic I just did! I came into this genuinely from the place of what I know about bikes is they have two wheels. That's it. Laura Neighbors explained so many important and basic things about riding my bike and using my bike that I went from basically scared to death to get on the bike to pretty much ready to hop on and go. She obviously has so much knowledge and expertise, but is also a great teacher and knows how to explain things without being condescending. She totally just makes things make sense. Also, she is really funny! Yes, I work at Bicycle Sport Shop. However, I am a total beginner. And I cannot recommend this clinic enough for any other women who want to start cycling and really don't know where to start."
- Mandy

"As a rookie cyclist, I thought [the] class was fun, informative and [Laura's] enthusiasm/love for cycling is contagious! It does, indeed, take you back to being a kid again!"
- Laura

"I have been staring at my bike for 2 years...not knowing quite how to begin our relationship. You gave me the key & opened that door for me yesterday & I now have the confidence to begin what I hope will be a beautiful friendship! I'm so excited to be riding again - all thanks to you!!"
- Pam



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