Winter Clothing Guide

Don't let cool weather keep you off the bike. You can ride comfortably in any weather with the appropriate clothing. Your body will warm up as you ride, and our weather can change quickly, so light layers that can be easily added and removed can make a world of difference. For the first few minutes of a ride you may feel underdressed--but once your body heats up and your heart rate increases, you will be comfortable if dressed appropriately. Our suggestions below will help you find your perfect clothing combo for winter riding.

Temperatures from 60-70°

For some, this weather may be perfect for riding in their standard lycra shorts and short-sleeve jersey. Others may want to go long sleeve, or introduce some extra barriers between their bodies and the elements. Add a full fingered glove, and maybe arm warmers or knee warmers. A short sleeve or sleeveless baselayer worn under a jersey is one of the most versatile pieces in a cyclist’s wardrobe. It should fit tightly and will move sweat away from your skin which cools during the summer months, and it will keep sweat from chilling your skin as the temperature drops.

Temperatures from 50-60°

Layer up with arm and knee warmers that can be easily removed if the temperature rises throughout your ride. Keeping your knees warm is essential to prevent injury on sensitive tendons and ligaments in cold weather. Keeping your core warm with a vest will help your body pump warm blood to your extremities. A headband will warm your ears but not overheat your head. Wool socks will keep your feet warm at this temperature. Add a light thermal full finger glove.

Temperatures from 40-50°

Add full length thermal leg warmers with your regular shorts or bibs, or switch to thermal tights. A long sleeve baselayer paired with a light jacket will keep your core warm, or pair a short sleeve baselayer with a fleecy long sleeve jersey and vest. Essentials include a hat or headband, toe covers, and midweight thermal windproof gloves.

Temperatures from 30-40°

You’ll want to add a neckwarmer and make sure you have a full beanie on your head. Switch to full shoe covers and a warmer glove. A windproof thermal jacket paired with longsleeve baselayer will keep your core warm without feeling bulky. Thermal tights are a good idea as the temperature approaches freezing.

Temperatures from 20-30°

Thermal tights are a must at this temperature range. A heavyweight waterproof shoe cover and wool socks will help keep your feet warm and dry. Switch to a heavyweight winter glove that’s both thermal and windproof. A balaclava will keep your neck and head warm.


So keep riding whatever the weather. There's always a great reason to #GoOutside and ride!

*For off-road riding dress for the next warmer temperature range due to lower speeds and less wind exposure.