BIKE INVENTORY ALERT: Current bike availability is low nationwide, but we still have hundreds of bikes arriving on a weekly basis. Many of these bikes won't make it to the website because they will go to customers that have placed a preorder with us. The fastest way to secure a bike is to place a preorder with our staff. If you would like information on the availability of a specific model and/or how to prepay to be in line for the next available bike when it arrives, please fill out this form. (Preorders require payment.)

Meet the Specialized Turbo Family

Combining speed and style through an innovative pedal-assist motor, advanced electronics, and sleek design, Specialized Turbo e-bikes represent the full capabilities of the electric bike revolution. They're capable of achieving top speeds of 45 Km/h while you pedal, so they'll deliver near superhuman power to any rider. Plus, they're all ridiculously fun. And, to sweeten the e-bike benefits, Austin Energy is offering a rebate to eligible customers for up to $300 to purchase a qualifying electric bike!

Specialized vado

The Power to Ride More

Riding a Turbo Vado or Como is about as much fun as you can legally have on two wheels. Both are built to take on the streets in style, and they each have distinctive personalities for both the discerning and casual rider. And coming in at under 27 pounds, the Creo is your light-weight, long-distance road hero.

Turbo Vado

It's all about the hustle—in work and in play. You have your commute to crush, errands to check off, and a social life that fills up every hour of your weekend. The Turbo Vado is the perfect wingman to your hectic schedule, giving you the power to go farther, faster, and to keep fit while doing it. You have a busy life—you deserve a faster bike.

Who It's For?
If your two-wheeled goals include getting in shape, commuting, and hauling a little you-know-what, consider the Vado your partner in health. It's low-fuss, high-tech, and sure to blow your wig back with its pedal-assisted motor and long-lasting battery life.

Turbo Como

Stylish, fun, and powerful, our Turbo Como is the first e-bike to combine good-looks with utility. So whether you're headed to your local haunts or just out on a weekend ride with your squad, the Turbo Como will have you smiling more and sweating less. Isn't that what it's all about?

Who It's For?
For all those that live "la dolce vita," the Como is for you. It's our most laid-back pedal-assist option. Relax. The Turbo Como will get you there on time—just let it do some of the work for you.

Turbo Creo

The lightest bike of its kind, it's road elevated. Read More about the Creo >

Who It's For?
You desire the best of the best, and you're ready to take your road rides to the next level.

turbo for mtb

The Power to Ride More Trails 

Specialized's Turbo e-Mountain Bikes embody a design unimaginable 40 years ago—trail bikes with hundreds of watts of power on the climbs. Trail bikes that give you the power to ride more trails.  


We often forget the true spirit of why we ride—to enjoy ourselves. But what do you do when those ear-to-ear grins slowly fade as you fall into the habit of riding the same routes, day in and day out? You grab a Turbo Levo and experience the smile-inspiring power to ride more trails.

Who It's For?
Want to go farther into the woods, hit more trails on every ride, and still be back in time to tell your friends about it by happy hour? It's all possible with the Turbo Levo.