The All-New Diverge

The All-New Diverge


With speed, control, and confidence on any terrain, the new Diverge is the ultimate gravel bike. Switching from gravel at Mach 5 to rutted single track with ease, nothing helps you escape faster than Diverge.

The Diverge lineup now comes equipped with Future Shock 2.0, the ultimate technology for riding rough road, thick gravel, and chunky dirt. Future Shock 2.0’s adjustable, hydraulically damped travel keeps you in control and on target, all while protecting your hands, arms, and shoulders from the battering.

The All-New Diverge

Refined geometry with the gravel rider in mind, the new Diverge has a slacker headtube, longer reach, and shorter cockpit to keep you in control. The new fork has increased rake and trail to ensure all that stability and speed never feels 'floppy' at the front wheel. The bottom bracket was raised to improve pedaling clearance and make it more nimble, but at 80mm of drop, it's still among the lowest in gravel for true stability. 

And, at under 1,000 grams, the Diverge’s frame is lighter than most stripped-down gravel race frames, but with the ability to load it down with packs for the long haul.

The Comp Carbon is available now. The other models won't be available until June, but you can call the shop to pre-order one today for the fastest delivery.

Diverge Comp E5
Available in June. Call to pre-order.

Diverge Comp E5 EVO
Available in June. Call to pre-order.

Diverge Base E5
Available in June. Call to pre-order.