Skills Academy at COTA


We all know how to ride bikes, but we’re always learning how to ride bikes better. That’s the ethos of the Bicycle Sport Shop Skills Academy, led by elite racing team Super Squadra.

This three clinic series will take place at the Circuit of the Americas race track, during the Tuesday Nighter at COTA open track events on May 9, May 23, and June 6.

Each clinic will have a specific focus and cater to riders seeking both basic and advanced cycling skills, from efficiently drafting other riders, to correctly hitting the apex of a corner.

One of the state’s top racing teams, Super Squadra’s team members include USA Cycling certified coaches and former professional racers. The team has more than a decade of experience leading clinics with a fun and informative curriculum.

May 9 - Pack Riding

The goal of the pack riding clinic is for participants to feel comfortable and confident riding near other cyclists in any situation. We’ll break into groups based on self-identified ability level and cover basic handling skills, such as riding near and in the draft of other cyclists. We’ll also cater to more advanced riders who aim to work on fast-paced pace lining and echelon skills. 

May 23 - Cornering

We’ll start the cornering clinic with a series of drills designed to help riders identify the proper approach to and line through a turn, and then we’ll take to the track to put those skills to use. Register >

June 6 - Sprinting

From town line sprints against your friends to pack finishes in sanctioned races, a confident sprint is key to enjoying the competitive elements of cycling. We believe anyone can enjoy sprinting when instilled with fundamentals skills of form, positioning, and timing. Register >