BIKE INVENTORY ALERT: Current bike availability is low nationwide, but we still have bikes arriving on a weekly basis. Many of these bikes will never make it to our website, but you can preorder some models with our staff. If you would like information on the availability of a specific model and/or how to prepay to be in line for the next available bike when it arrives, please fill out this form. (Preorders require payment.)

Pre-Owned Bikes

All of our Pre-Owned bicycles have been thoroughly inspected, are mechanically sound, free of structural damage of any type, and are safe to ride. You can learn more about Bicycle Sport Shop's pre-owned bikes and trade-in program here.

We accept trade-ins at all locations, but most pre-owned bikes are kept at the Lamar store. The Pre-Owned department can be reached by phone at (512) 477-3472 x4 or by email at [email protected]

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