Shop Rides

All rides will be temporarily suspended as we reduce our services under COVID-19. We hope to ride with you again soon!


Shop Rides

Our shop rides are perfect for both beginners that want a group ride to get in some miles and cyclists looking to hammer it out on the hills. Check out the options below and pick a ride (or three) that suits your skill level and availability and hop on! Bring a friend, ride with strangers…just ride!

Be sure to check out the Know Before You Go section at the bottom to answer some common questions regarding the rides like what to bring and where to find updates.


Tuesday Effort Ride, Research Store
Every Other Week, Road, 6:00-8:00 PM
March 10-October 27 

Meet at the Research shop for a 16.5-mile route that will include climbing and crank up the pace to 16-17 mph. Re-grouping will be determined by the ride leader. This is definitely not for beginners and is a drop ride as there will be no sweep. Lights are mandatory.

Lights and Levos, Hamilton Greenbelt 
2nd and 4th Tuesdays, e-MTB, 7:00-9:00 PM

This will be a fun night ride on e-mountain bikes! We will ride an extended lap of the Hamilton Greenbelt in Lakeway and climb technical areas as we test your E-MTB bike's ability on diverse terrain. We will encounter rocks, roots, short technical climbs, dirt flow, and some fun downhill sections on this short mileage trail ride. With the power of e-MTBs, it will be a fast and fun ride! We'll re-group after technical sections and at intersections. We want to experience the trails together. This is a no-drop ride, but not for beginner mountain bikers.


Intermediate Ride, Research Store 
Weekly, Road, 6:00-7:30 PM
March 11-October 28

The Beginner+/Intermediate- is aimed at those cyclists who are looking to improve their fitness, bike skills, pace, and endurance. Pace will average 13-15mph for an 18-20 mile route and will include some small hills/rollers. This ride is a no-drop and will have both a ride leader and a sweep. Lights are mandatory.

"True Beginners" Road Ride, Research Store
Weekly, Road, 6:00-7:30 PM 
March 11-October 28

The "True Beginners" is a no-drop ride for those who are just starting or those who have been off the bike for a long time and are "starting over". This ride will follow the same route as the Beginner+ but will be 10-12miles in length with a pace averaging 9-11mph. Ride leadership will include a ride leader and sweep. Lights are mandatory.

Picnic in the Dark, Brushy Creek
Weekly, MTB, 7:45-9:30 PM

A fast-paced enduro-style ride of the gnarliest trails in North Austin with the Parmer crew. Meet at the Twin Lakes YMCA Trailhead (West of 183A). Suitable for Level 4 riders only, or racers looking to get in some training miles. There will be a few regroup spots after certain trailheads, but riders will be expected to keep pace and finish the sections before regrouping. 13 miles distance at about 10 mph. Lights are very mandatory! Call the shop for same-day weather updates, 512-637-6890.

Level 4: I am comfortable riding over vary and technical single-track terrain. I will ride, or attempt to, over small to medium rocks, roots, and logs and down small to medium drops (think 6-in to 1.5-foot lifts and/or drops or several small ones in a row). I want to increase my confidence riding down larger drops and jumps to improve my wheel lifts and skills for getting up ledges and technical climbs.


Intermediate Road Ride, Parmer Store
Weekly, Road, 9-11 AM

A 35- and 25-mile road ride divided into two groups. Meet up at 15 minutes before wheels down. The 35-mile route is for advanced intermediate riders and is a drop ride. The 25-mile ride is best suited for intermediate level riders and will be a no-drop ride. The great part about this route is riders can turn back at any point along Parmer Lane. There are no stops along the route. 

Scenic Saturday, Research Store
Weekly, Road, 9-12 AM

A 20- to 25-mile road ride. Meet up at 7:45 AM, wheels down at 8 AM. The route is for social intermediate riders (think advanced-beginner or low-intermediate) at a 12-14mph pace with no drop. We will be riding slowly up Mount Bonnell and heading over to Scenic Drive. Road bikes are required, daytime lights are encouraged. 

Second Saturday Stretch, Pace Bend Trails
2nd Saturday of the month, e-MTB, 7:30-10:30 AM

A fun MTB ride just for electric mountain bikes! Ride on the trails at Pace Bend Park and experience singletrack, some jeep road, a few technical climbs to ride or walk, and technical trail sections. With the power of the E-MTBs, we can expect a fast and fun ride through the sections! We will stop to regroup after technical sections and at intersections and the ride is no drop. The gatekeeper will give directions to the MTB parking lot located on the Northeast side of the park.


All Business Ride, Lamar Store
Weekly, Road, 7:30-10:30 AM

This ride is faster than our other rides and is meant to be a “go-to training ride.” The ride leaves at 7:30 AM, and riders should show up at 7:15 AM. We keep the pace high but de-emphasize surging; this is a training ride, not a road race. Average speed will be 18-20 mph. We leave the Lamar store and ride a route putting us at around 55-65 miles, to be back at the store around 11 AM. We may change the route last minute depending on conditions. It will be divided into an A/B ride. The A group will regroup at critical points, but it is absolutely a drop ride.

Feel like you’re getting faster but don’t know if you can keep up with the All Business Ride yet? Test the waters of the All Business ride and fall back into the B group if you feel yourself slipping. The route will be similar to the A group to encourage riders and let them see that the goal is attainable. The average speed of the B group is 15-17 mph for 40-45 miles. Keep riding and building your strength and eventually, you’ll be keeping pace with the A group! This is a "flexible no drop" ride, but we recommend having the ability to keep pace for the sake of the other riders.

Rotating Days

Charged Up Ride, Lamar Store
Sat or Sun, Twice a month, e-Road, 9:15-11:00 AM

Jump on your e-bike and join us on an urban cruise at a socially charged pace through Austin's fun and dynamic cycling infrastructure. We'll ride about 15 miles total and may stop for admiring murals, smelling flowers, or taking in the gorgeous views of our little big city. On Sunday rides we will make a stop at the Mueller Farmers' Market!

Know before you go:

  • The times shown are for wheels down. Please meet earlier to sign a waiver and get ready to ride.
  • Helmets and lights are mandatory.
  • Hydration (bottled or Camelback) is a must.
  • Aero bars can be on your bike but cannot be used on group rides.
  • Earbuds/headphones are not allowed on group rides.
  • Please bring ID, cash (for anything you need at the store pre-ride)
  • Bring a maintenance kit for flats, etc.
  • All persons under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a minor liability waiver on their behalf and be accompanied by their parent or guardian (on a bicycle) for the duration of the ride.
  • If a ride is canceled due to inclement weather, we will post an update to our Facebook Page. If the roads are wet before the ride starts, the ride will be called off.
  • Times change during Daylight Savings Time and in correlation to season changes. So check back after Daylight savings time!
  • A no-drop ride means we will regroup and wait for you to catch up. For drop rides, please make sure you can find your way back if you are unable to keep pace with the group.
  • Sign a waiver before showing up and keep the confirmation page/email saved to easy access to show the ride leader before the ride.