Service Department

Expert Mechanic

Lead by master mechanics, we have a staff of full-time mechanics with over 165 years of combined industry experience. We want to make sure your bike stays in the same top performing condition you remember buying it in, and we are so confident your bike has this potential, that we back our work with a guarantee.

Our Service Guarantee

We guarantee complete work on any bike you buy from Bicycle Sport Shop at any location. We even guarantee our work on bikes we don't sell as long as they were originally purchased from an Independent Bicycle Dealer. Our guarantee means you only pay for our service once. If you're not satisfied, we will continue to diagnose and service your bike for FREE (up to 30 days after the original service), until it's right as long as the problem is specifically related to our service.

Customer Loyalty Benefit Program

We believe, when you purchase a new bicycle or upgrade your current one, you make an investment with us. We appreciate your business and express that by making a commitment to you in the cost of our service labor.

  • If you purchase a new bike from us, we offer two Deluxe Tune-Ups in the first year of ownership for FREE. That's a $170.00 value.
  • We also offer a 15% discount on all service labor on bikes purchased from us for any repair on the bike for as long as you own the bike.
  • If you purchase any part or accessory from us over $50, we will offer you a 15% discount on the install of that part or accessory.
  • No additional work is required to qualify. Simply buy from us and we'll make sure you receive your labor discounts automatically.

Custom Wheel Building

The Bicycle Sport Shop has the ability to build any custom wheel you can imagine. Our service staff will take the time to understand your specific needs based on your budget and riding style to hand select the perfect wheel set. Custom wheels are often a better choice than pre-built wheels because we can individually select the actual build design to match your riding needs. In addition to the build's design, we can customize the parts in ways pre-built wheels are not always available. Our expert wheel builders will do all this and still keep the labor to $70.00 (or $60 if you purchase all the pieces from us as well).

Tune-Up Prices and Descriptions

Additional shop supply charges may apply. Bikes brought in excessively dirty will require an additional cleaning charge.

Basic Tune-Up - $55

Recommended for bikes that are already in decent shape and need some minor attention for that weekend ride. Service includes:

  • Brake adjustment
  • Shifter and derailleur adjustment
  • Lubrication of cables and housing and drivetrain
  • Safety check on all hardware and accessories

Drivetrain Tune-Up - $60

The Drive-train Tune is for when just your drive-train is in need of extra attention. It allows for the installation of any drive-train part for FREE. 

  • Full detailed cleaning of chain, cassette, and crankset
  • Detailed cleaning of both derailleurs
  • Shifter and derailleur adjustments
  • Full lubrication of drivetrain and shifter cables and housing

Deluxe Tune-Up - $85
**TWO FREE within the first year of a new bike purchase through Loyalty Program**

Recommended for when your whole bike needs extra attention. Includes all Basic Tune-Up services plus:

  • Precision wheel truing and hub adjustments
  • Shifter and derailleur adjustments
  • Front and rear brake adjustments
  • Bottom bracket adjustment
  • Headset adjustment
  • Lubrication of cables and pivot points
  • Lubrication of drivetrain
  • Light frame and wheel cleaning

Pro Tune-Up - $125

Includes all of the Deluxe Tune-Up services plus the detailed cleaning of the entire drivetrain

  • Degreasing of the chain, crankset, and cassette and detailed cleaning
  • Lubrication of all drivetrain components
  • Free install of 1 drivetrain component

Expert Tune-Up - $155

Includes a Pro Tune-Up with detailed drivetrain cleaning and labor for the installation of cables, housing, and bar tape or grips

  • Removal of drivetrain for detailed cleaning
  • Free installation of cables and housing (internal cable charges may apply)
  • Free installation of any drivetrain component

Complete Overhaul - $275

*Suspension components extra

  • Complete disassembly of bike down to the bare frame
  • Headset, hubs, and bottom bracket overhauled
  • Full detail cleaning and polish of the frame and all components
  • Free installation of any new parts

List of Service Charges


Adjust Rim Brake and/or Install Brake Pads $12
Adjust Disc Brake and/or Install Pads $20
Bleed Disc Brake and Clean Pistons $40
Install Hydrailic Disc Brake $50
Install Brake Cable $15


Overhaul Adjustable Bottom Bracket $30
Measure and Install Chain $12


Install Tube and Tire w/ Wheel on Bike $10
Install Tube and Tire w/ Wheel off Bike $8
Tubless Sealant Refill $8
Set up Tubeless System (Per Wheel) $25
Overhaul Front Hub $20
Overhaul Rear Hub $25
True Wheel $18
Custom Wheel Build $70

Major Repairs

Custom Pro Build on Bike $250
Install Drivetrain and Shifter Upgrade $125

Misc. Installs

Install Wireless Computer $18
Install Rear Rack $22
Install Fenders $25


Adjust Front Deraileur $14
Adjust Rear Deraileur $12
Install STI Road Shifters (Pair) $70
Install Mountain Shifters (Pair) $50


Complete Fork Overhaul including Shock Oil $125
Overhaul Air Canister on Rear Shock $50

Headtube & Handlebars

Adjust Headset $10
Overhaul Headset $35
Install Headset $35
Cut Mountain Bike Handlebars $20
Install Mountain Bike Handlebars $25
Install Road Bike Handlebars $50
Install Handlebar Tape $20

Tune Ups/Builds

Box Bike for Shipping (includes box and supplies) $70
Box Bike and Ship anywhere in Continental US $220


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