Ladies' Saddles & Chamois

saddles and chamois

Bicycle Sport Shop, Lamar 
Thursday, November 9
6:30 PM - 8 PM

Knowing the difference between "you're hurtin' cause you're workin'" vs. "this isn't working for you" kinds of hurt will change everything when on the bike. Learn the signs of good and bad pain over some wine and cheese at the Ladies' Saddles & Chamois night. We'll discuss and help you find the right kind of saddle and chamois, and give a basic bike fit tutorial.

The saddle can affect the way the entire body feels, not just the parts of the body that sit on the saddle. Finding one with the right width to match your body is key, and we will help find your measurement. We will also cover chamois and explain the technology and innovation that goes into the creation of these amazing tools of attire. 

Our Specialized Women's Ambassador, Jessica Alexander will be passing out some swag to attendees. And, you can enter the raffle to win a $250 Body Geometry Fit with our Master-Fit Tech, Skot Campbell!