Ride To Buy

Looking to buy a premium bike? Ride your favorite trails, roads, or test your commute on the best bikes available before making a purchase with the Ride to Buy program. We have the largest demo fleet in central Texas available for you to ride. Just reserve a bike from the Rental Department, give them a spin out in the wild, then use the rental fee towards the purchase of your new bike. With Ride to Buy, the entire rental fee is counted toward the purchase of a new bike, priced at $4,500 or more, from Bicycle Sport Shop. We also offer a VIP demo experience, should you want a guide to join you on the trail and help you choose a mountain bike.

The Steps:

  1. Check out the bike you've been eyeing from the Rental Department, 512-477-3472, for $120 a day/24 hours.
  2. Ride the bike in locations you think best put it to the test. You'll get a true feel for the bike's capabilities and how you work as a team.
  3. Buy that model, or any another Bicycle Sport Shop bike priced at $4,500 or more, and have the rental fees go toward the new bike's purchase.

Want to try more than one bike? You can test up to three bikes and put the fees, up to $360, toward your new bike. The purchase can be made within 90 days of the first demo, so you'll have time to consider which bike to be your partner on the trails.

Call Rentals, located in the Lamar shop, today to reserve your bike, 512-477-3472.
Bikes can be delivered to our four other shop locations. 

VIP MTB Demo Experience

An offshoot of Ride to Buy, the VIP MTB Demo Experience adds an expert guide into the mix. We will take you and two bikes of your choosing out to the trails for a few hours to test ride and answer any questions. The VIP Demo is a great way to test ride 2 bikes and get expert attention for $150. Read all of the details on the VIP MTB Demo page, fill out the registration form, and our demo Queen will contact you to set up a date and location.

The Bikes

The following bikes platforms are available to rent for a test ride with the Ride to Buy program. Exact models and sizes in our demo fleet can change. Call to check what is available to ride today.