BIKE INVENTORY ALERT: Current bike availability is low nationwide, but we still have hundreds of bikes arriving on a weekly basis. Many of these bikes won't make it to the website because they will go to customers that have placed a preorder with us. The fastest way to secure a bike is to place a preorder with our staff. If you would like information on the availability of a specific model and/or how to prepay to be in line for the next available bike when it arrives, please fill out this form. (Preorders require payment.)

Bike Rentals

Rental services are temporarily suspended as we reduce our services under COVID-19. We hope to see you again soon!


Austin Bike Rentals

Call 512-477-3472 to reserve a bike rental from the Lamar shop!

Explore Austin by bike! Bike rentals are available at our Lamar store and can be reserved by calling 512-477-3472. Whether you want to explore the city on a hybrid bike, take the trails on a mountain bike, or zip out of town on a road bike, our expert staff will also make sure you accurately fit the bike and have all the equipment you need for a fun ride! 

We strongly suggest that you reserve your bike in advance as we typically rent every bike in our inventory on weekends and holidays. The rentals department is located in the Lamar store. There is a $20 fee to transfer a rental from Lamar to another location. 

The Rentals Department also has the largest demo fleet in central Texas! If you're looking to purchase a high-end bike and want to demo it on the trail or road of your choice first, the Ride to Buy program was built for you. 

You can also email [email protected] or fill out an online form and a rental specialist will contact you within 24 hours.

Rentals can be Overnight or Same-Day. Kids bikes and Cruisers are also available for 2-hour rentals. An Overnight rental lets you keep the bike overnight to be returned before close the next day. Same-Day rentals must be returned within business hours on the same day they were rented.

There is a multi-day discount where the third day, and each additional day, is half price (excludes cruisers and electric bikes).

Please note that we have a 48-hour Cancellation Policy. If you do not cancel a reservation 48 hours prior to the rental we will bill your credit card for one day of the rental. We do not rent bicycles for Mountain Bike or Adventure Races. We also do not rent bicycles when the trails are wet or while it's raining! We charge a $25 cleaning fee for any bikes returned muddy. We supply helmets with every rental bike and pedals of your choice, pending availability.

Please be kind to your bike, you are responsible for any damage to the equipment.

  • Helmet
  • Pedals of your choice (if available)
  • Basic bike fit
  • Suspension set up (full suspension bikes)
  • Ride maps

You may want to consider adding

  • Lights (Front and Rear), $4 a day
  • U-locks, $5 a day

Rental Bike Fleet

Hybrids and Cruisers

Roll Elite for rent

Specialized Roll Elite
Overnight: $38 | Same-Day: $28 | 2-Hour: $16

Roll Elite Low Entry

Specialized Roll Elite Low Entry
Overnight: $38 | Same-Day: $28 | 2-Hour: $16

Crosstrail Sport for rent

Specialized Crosstrail Sport
Overnight: $38 | Same-Day: $28 | 2-Hour: $16

Electric Bikes

Specialized Turbo como 4.0 for rent

Specialized Turbo Como 4.0
Overnight: $62 | Same-Day: $45

Specialized Como for Rent

Specialized Como 3.0
Overnight: $62 | Same-Day: $45

Specialized Vado for Rent

Specialized Vado 4.0
Overnight: $62 | Same-Day: $45

Road Bikes

Specialized Roubaix Comp
Overnight: $62 | Same-Day: $45

Specialized Tarmac Comp Disc
Overnight: $62 | Same-Day: $45

checkpoint for ren

Trek Checkpoint ALR 5
Overnight: $52 | Same-Day: $40

diverge for rent

Specialized Diverge Comp E5
Overnight: $52 | Same-Day: $40

Trek Emonda ALR 5
Overnight: $52 | Same-Day: $40

Mountain Bikes

Santa Cruz Hightower C
Overnight: $90 | Same-Day: $55

Santa Cruz Bronson C
Overnight: $90 | Same-Day: $55

santa cruz for rent

Santa Cruz 5010
Overnight: $62 | Same-Day: $45

juliana for rent

Juliana Furtado 27.5
Overnight: $62 | Same-Day: $45

stumpjumper evo mtb for rent

Specialized Stumpjumper EVO
Overnight: $62 | Same-Day: $45

Specialized Stumpjumper FSR
27.5 LT (Long-Travel, Carbon), and 29er LT (Carbon) : Overnight: $90 | Same-Day: $55
29er (Aluminum) : Overnight: $62 | Same-Day: $45

Specialized Fuse Comp MTB for Rent

Specialized Fuse Comp 29 
Overnight: $46 | Same-Day: $30

fuse expert for rent

Specialized Fuse Expert
Overnight: $46 | Same-Day: $30

Trek Fuel EX 8 29
Overnight: $62 | Same-Day: $45


Kids Bikes

Specialized Hotrock 12" w/ training wheels
Overnight: $24 | Same-Day: $22 | 2-Hour: $16

Specialized Boy's Hotrock 20 6-Speed
Overnight: $24 | Same-Day: $22 | 2-Hour: $16

Specialized Hotrock 24 7-Speed
Overnight: $24 | Same-Day: $22 | 2-Hour: $16

riprock for rent

Specialized Riprock 24
Overnight: $24 | Same-Day: $22 | 2-Hour: $16

Specialized Pitch 27.5
Overnight: $24 | Same-Day: $22 | 2-Hour: $16

Trek Mountain Train Trail-A-Bike
Overnight: $24 | Same-Day: $22 | 2-Hour: $16

Burley Cub Trailer
Overnight: $24 | Same-Day: $22 | 2-Hour: $16

Tandem Bikes

Co-Motion Periscope
Overnight: $62 | Same-Day: $45

Co-Motion Periscope Torpedo
Overnight: $62 | Same-Day: $45


Thule Roundtrip Transition
Overnight: $10

EVOC Bike Case
Overnight: $10