Pedal Hard

pedal hard

Pedal Hard is your one-stop shop to elevate your riding experience. Here you can find personal and online coaching, attend cycling classes, discover more tailored training solutions through fitness tests, get a bike fitting, and attend a performance camp. 

The coaches of Pedal Hard work with riders to build from the bottom up, building strength rather than tolerating discomfort. All ability levels are welcome in the training studio and they keep the atmosphere fun and inviting. Their studio is located at Bicycle Sport Shop, Lamar and you can sign up for classes and view the schedule here.

kevin livingston

Kevin Livingston, founder of Pedal Hard, completed 9 Grand tours (including a 6 time Tour de France finisher) and spent 16 years training and racing at a professional level and 15 years coaching.


Each Pedal Hard class is one hour of focused, coach-supervised training. They tailor your workout to your current fitness level and future goals. Using metrics such as power, heart rate, and cadence, they make the most efficient use of your training time.


Their custom training packages are designed to assist athletes in reaching their personal goals and ultimate level of fitness. Their coaches can instruct you here in Austin or provide online coaching guidance.  


Using a lactate analyzer, they evaluate your current level of aerobic and anaerobic fitness. Each test is followed by a consultation and discussion of the results including their recommended training zones and areas on which you should focus. This test is more specific than a simple power test and provides more detailed information.


Pedal Hard’s proprietary fit methodology is based on years of refinement and experience fitting some of the world’s top cyclists. Pedal Hard uses a Retül motion capture system and focuses on optimizing how the rider engages the bike to maximize performance and comfort.

Each fitting includes a professional analysis of position on the bike addressing shoe and cleat set up. Plan on the whole process taking approximately 2 hours.


Camps are custom-designed packages of our services geared to get you ready for the coming cycling season or for your next big event. Typically 6 weeks long & specifically tailored to deliver measurable results.