Meet the Captains

Stephanie Martinez, Road Captain

[email protected]

Stephanie Martinez comes from a yoga background and began riding bikes when a coworker encouraged her to do a triathlon. She has gone on to compete in cyclocross, gravel, and mountain bike events as a member of the Bicycle Sport Shop Club, she is currently preparing for the Waco Half Ironman this year. Stephanie is an advocate for getting people on bikes, and teaching beginners the best practices to be safe on the road.


Chris Hiltenbrand, Vice Road Captain

[email protected]

Chris is originally from Strasbourg, France, but has been here for over 35 years and considers himself a Texan. As a teenager, he rode bikes and mopeds for transportation, so he is quite at home in urban traffic.

After purchasing another road bike in the late 90s, Chris rode on his own for a few years. He then started to sweep both the BSS 25-mile Parmer Saturday Ride and the Research Beginner/Intermediate Ride in 2012. He joined the Bicycle Sport Shop Road Club in 2013 and has been leading those two rides and others ever since.


Cameron Cope, Vice Road Captain

[email protected]

Cameron started riding road while in college in Abilene. After graduating from physical therapy school, he decided to move somewhere with better scenery and hills for riding which landed him in Austin in 2012.

Cameron has raced road, mountain, gravel, and triathlon completing the Austin 1/2 Ironman in 2014. These days he races the cyclocross season with the Bicycle Sport Shop crew. Cameron leads the Tuesday night Effort Ride or Tuesday Trainer Ride depending on the season, both from the Research location. On weekends you can find him checking out new roads in search of the perfect climb, coffee, taco, or post-ride beer.

Jeremy Watkins, Mountain Bike Captain

[email protected]

Jeremy grew up in a small Mississippi town before moving to Austin about 13 years ago. Shortly after moving, he started riding his bike to work and eventually picked up road cycling. After some time on the road, he turned his interest to trails and has been riding mountain bikes ever since. Jeremy’s favorite part of riding is challenging technical trails and he enjoys helping those new to mountain biking with their skills. He has raced the past several years in the TMBRA series, but generally takes it easy these days. Last year he had several opportunities to help local organizations teaching kids about riding and bike safety and he hopes to continue that outreach in the coming year.

Favorite Rides: Pace Bend, Brushy Creek, Lake Georgetown Loop


Wes Robinson, Vice Mountain Bike Captain

[email protected]

Wes rented a Specialized Rockhopper from Bicycle Sport Shop on Toomey Road in 1991 and has been hooked ever since. A year later, he began racing mountain bikes for the University of Texas Cycling Club.

Since then, he co-founded Circle C Ranch Cycling Club, became a master-level cycling instructor for the League of American Bicyclists, served as the education director for the Austin Cycling Association (now Bike Austin), and is a certified as a level 1 ride guide with the IMBA. Wes and his wife, Laurie, have four children and live in southwest Austin near the south Austin trail network where Wes does most of his mountain biking.


Fred Willemsen, Vice Mountain Bike Captain

[email protected]

Fred moved to the Austin area in 1980. His love of running long distance became very secondary, with college, work, marriage, a son, divorce and single parenting. He later remarried and received a bike as a 40th birthday gift from his wife. So began his journey to lose weight, entering an XC MTB race at Tapatio the following year. The passion grew, and cycling became a big part of his family's lives with some of their greatest memories centering around the times shared with their son when he raced as a junior.

2018 will be Fred's 14th consecutive season racing the TMBRA spring series. He is looking forward to riding with the folks in the club and sharing his experience. Fred attributes his accomplishments to the love and support of his wife, Donna. Many of you know her as the lady who bakes, but to him, she is his whole world. Together, they feel fortunate to be a small part of the cycling community.

club captain claudia spooner

Claudia Spooner, Triathlon Captain

[email protected]

Since her first race, Claudia's passion for endurance sports, particularly triathlon, has only grown. She began racing triathlons in 2001 at the suggestion of her husband, Rob, and after 5 years racing triathlons, took a short break from competition to start a family.

When Claudia returned to triathlon, she qualified for her first 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater and has since competed in countless triathlon events, including 16 Ironman events--5 of which have been Kona Ironman World Championships. She qualified for her fifth trip to Kona with an AG win at Ironman Arizona in 2015. She has been a six-time All-American Triathlete, five-time All-World Gold, as well as one of the top master's racers competing at the World Championships for half and full Ironman distances. Claudia has competed as part of Team USA in London at the Sprint and Olympic distances.

Claudia has taken every step to learn as much as she can about the sport in order to improve her ability to teach and encourage others. She is an Elite Level 2 USA Triathlon certified coach and has her Level II USA Swimming, Level II ASCA, Level II USA Cycling, and USA Track and Field coaching certifications. She is also certified as a USA Triathlon Youth and Junior coach.

Claudia is a wife and mother of Morgan, 12-years-old, and Cameron, 13-years-old, and, as with others she meets, she encourages them to swim, bike, and run all with a healthy balance in life.

frank hinnant

Frank Hinnant, Vice Triathlon Captain

[email protected]

Born and raised in Texas, Frank’s first escapade on a bicycle was at Walnut Creek in 2000. After a 13-year hiatus, he watched a good friend complete the Jack’s Generic triathlon and thought to himself, “I can do that.” And so he did.

Frank joined the Bicycle Sport Shop Triathlon Club in 2014 and became and avid competitor. In 2017 he achieved All Country Athlete and All World Athlete status by competing in all levels of triathlon from Sprint distance to Ironman Arizona. He can be seen participating in group rides at all of the Bicycle Sport Shop locations, supporting the Cyclocross team, cheering on the team at the Driveway series, swimming at Quarry Lake, Pflugerville or Decker, biking on Parmer or country roads, or running around Lady Bird Lake. Frank is a Human Resources Warrant Officer in the U.S. Army.

dan and olaf

Dan Pedroza, Cyclocross Captain

[email protected]

A native Texan growing up in El Paso, Dan moved to Austin in the Spring of 1994 where bicycles were the furthest thing from his mind. After spending over 15 years building and racing cars, Dan hung up his helmet for the last time and went searching for a new hobby. In late 2012 his first bicycle purchased was a hybrid touring bike just to start pedaling on the road and the addiction started. Wanting to learn more about bicycles and meet more like-minded riders he joined the inaugural Bicycle Sport Shop Club in 2013 and has been an active part of the club since day 1.

That same year (2013) with a strong push from CX Women's Club Captain at the time, Carla Jennings, he bought his first road/CX bike from Bicycle Sport Shop and jumped into the world of cyclocross head first. Thankfully he learned the ropes relatively quickly (if you can call 3 years relative quick) from veteran BSSCX racers Brett Kinsey, Daniel Curtin, Joey Machado and Ray Frias.

"Cyclocross is the absolute best social sport of bicycle racing. It brings the entire family together along with friends to enjoy a great day in the park. We take great joy in the ability to teach others all about CX, just as I was taught from friends. BSSCX has a well-deserved reputation of being the largest fun club in Austin and we're the 'Go To' club for the beginner clinics and Women's Clinic. Nothing makes me happier than to see a new CX racer smile after they mastered their first skills unique to cyclocross."

Dan is currently a Cat 3 CX racer, Cat 2 mountain bike racer and husband to Sierra for the past 17 years. They have one beagle, Olaf, who will turn 16 this summer. When not on a bike you might find Dan actually at work where he is the owner/operator of Eagle Transmission in Pflugerville, TX.

leigh busby

Leigh Busby, Vice Cyclocross Captain

[email protected]

Leigh is a native Austinite whose love affair with cycling began in the late 90's with a mountain bike. She moved to the road in 2003 and spent her weekends doing charity rides, several centuries, and spent a week with Trek Travel for the Tour de France, where she climbed Mont Ventoux, her most challenging ride to date!

Leigh joined the Team in 2014 and was instantly addicted to the group rides and the amazing folks she met there. A fellow club rider invited her to Cyclocross practice and, after just one practice, she purchased a 'cross bike and Cyclocross racing fills the Fall every year. Leigh also reawakened her passion for mountain biking in 2015 and now races in the TMBRA Spring series each year. She is happiest with dirt and grass under her wheels!

She loves the community and camaraderie of Cyclocross and wants to share her passion for 'cross with others, especially female cyclists who are ready to jump from the sidelines onto a run-up. Leigh is a CPA and works as a Controller at an insurance company.


Dani Pedroza, Vice Cyclocross Captain

[email protected]

Dani started riding bikes fairly recently, but dove in head first. In preparing for a study abroad trip in Southeast Asia in 2015, she decided that bicycle transportation was going to be her best option. When she returned to the states, a new Specialized Ruby was waiting for her and she made 2016 count. Her first 50-mile ride quickly led to her first 100k which lead right into her first century (now an annual BSS ride, Dani's second annual First Century). Dani gave Cyclocross a second chance in 2017 as part of her foray into mountain biking and looks forward to upping her heckle game in 2018. She can also be found on the sidelines at the Driveway, coaching the Tarantula Hawks NICA team (high school mountain biking), and plans to make the TMBRA series a part of her 2018 calendar.


Jim Hungerford, Social Captain

[email protected]

Jim is originally from Omaha, NE and lived in Colorado and Kansas before landing in Austin in 2000. He started riding bikes to lose weight and managed to ride off 130 lbs. Jim likes to feel the wind in [what’s left of] his hair, carbon fiber everything, and a flowery IPA. He is a Network Systems Administrator for a local government organization and the club's unofficial official photographer.

Thursdays are for the Driveway. Fall is for Cyclocross. Spring is for gravel. And every day is for cheering on club members at races.



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