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Say Hello To IZIP

A new line of electric bikes have hit the floor, and they're ready to hit the streets and trails of Austin. IZIP is a global company currently selling more quality e-bikes than any other US company. They're a market leader for e-bikes in Europe – where electric bikes are widely used – and supply strong technical and warranty support for their bikes.

IZIP has a wide range of models for any occasion like road, trail, and specialty models such as an electric trike and a family/cargo bike. With introductory models starting at $1900, those looking for a great value should test ride an IZIP today. 

IZIP E3 Vibe+
Retail $1899.99

- Available in standard and step through frames.
- Comfortable up-right riding position great for city and recreational use.
- 5 sizes and highly adjustable to fit any rider.
- Robust Currie 350W drive system limited to 20MPH. No intimidation factor with this bike!

IZIP E3 Dash
Retail $2599.99

- A sporty and versatile all-around electric hybrid great for recreational riding, commuting, street and bike paths.
- 350W Currie drive with speeds up to 28mph.
- Fender/Rack included.

IZIP Protour
Retail $3199.99

- Integrated battery into the frame.
- Powerful 500W Currie motor wtih 28mph max speed.
- Equipped with rack, lights, and lock.
- "COBI System" integrates with your smart phone and adds a lot of unique capabilities including the ability to lock the e-bike motor from bike theives!

E3 Go
Retail $2499.99

- Adult Trike with 350W power system.
- Great for folks who prefer the cargo capabilities of an adult trike, but with pedal assist to help you move a heavier load.
- Stability great for balance.

Spicy Curry
Retail $4199.99

- A Yuba brand cargo/family bike with a Currie drive system.
- Carry your kids or cargo on the back of this rig and have a motor to keep you moving with the extra weight.
- Lots of accessories available from Yuba bikes (child seats, bags, cargo attachements, etc.)
- The ultimate replacement vehicle.