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Fitting Services

All fitting services will be temporarily suspended as we reduce our services under COVID-19. We hope to help you improve your ride soon!

Whether you're getting your first bicycle, wanting to upgrade to that custom-built dream machine, or you just want to ride your current bike more comfortably. Bicycle Sport Shop’s trained fit staff would be happy to take you through the process of a proper bike fit.

We ensure that after your session with one of our bike fitting experts you'll have a clear understanding of how your body works on a bicycle and why a properly fitting bicycle is so important to your riding experience. A bike that fits you correctly will be safer, more comfortable and more fun. Bicycle Sport Shop's ultimate goal is for you to be able to ride longer, with less stress on your body.

We strongly recommend our bike fit service for anyone who suffers from any of the following symptoms:

  • Numb, tingling or sore hands
  • Aching lower back
  • Stiff neck
  • Burning shoulders
  • Sore knees
  • Hot spots on your feet

Retul Motion Capture Fit - $350

Retül Fit is more than just a “bike fit.” Retül Fit is a way to learn about your body. We believe Retul is the most advanced fitting program in the world. Retul is used by professional cyclists and enthusiasts alike to dial-in optimal riding position for increased efficiency and comfort, which leads to better performance. No matter your level of riding experience, proper fit is crucial for getting the most out of your time on the bike.

During this fit, you will work with a certified Retul fitter to thoroughly assess every aspect of your riding position. Using 3D motion capture technology, every angle of the body is analyzed in relation to the equipment on the bike to ensure that you are perfectly tuned to achieve maximum power, increased efficiency, improved comfort, and greater safety. Whether you’re a roadie, triathlete, mountain biker, or just want a more comfortable evening ride on the bike path, this fit is tailored to your body and riding style.

Available only at our Parmer and Lamar locations.
Time: Approximately 2.5 hours

What to bring: Current bike, shoes, pedals, jersey, shorts, gloves, towel, and water bottle.

Scheduling: Call for an appointment
S. Lamar - 512.477.3472, Parmer - 512.637.6890

Retul Motion Capture Fit Plus - $700

All of the advanced technology and care of a Retul fit plus a New Bike Feel Service. With the New Bike Feel, we strip your bike down to the bare frame then perform a detailed cleaning of the frame and all of the components. We then rebuild your bike so it performs better than new. We will first schedule and complete the fitting, then send your bike over to service.

Retul Extra Bike Fit - $150

Do you have more than one bike that you’d like to have dialed in? Great! We can take the information learned during your Retul Fit session and apply that to any number of bikes you may have.

Available only at our Parmer and Lamar locations.
Time: Approximately 1.5 hours

Retul Fit Annual Follow Up - $150

Your body is dynamic and always changing. We recommend having your fit updated once a year. Just like annual maintenance for your bike, an annual update of your fit will keep you riding comfortably and efficiently, while reducing the risk of injury.

Available only at our Parmer and Lamar locations.
Time: Approximately 1.5 hours

Base Bike Fit - $150

Our Base Bike Fit service consists of a Retul Match tower session (or sit bone and arch height measurement at locations without Match), saddle height with fore and aft adjustment, level heel, handlebar height and angle, and insole and cleat placement on your shoes.

Time: 45-60 minutes

Bike Set-Up - $40 (Included with new bike purchases)

This is a saddle position setup only that will get you in a safe, comfortable position to begin riding your new bike.

Cleat Install - $20 (Complimentary with new shoe or pedal purchase!)

Just need some fresh cleats for the new riding season? Want to make sure they’re positioned properly underneath your foot? We’ve got you covered with our cleat install service. We will locate your foot inside the shoe and place the cleat in a neutral position to get you rolling.

*Prices pertain to the specified service only. Additional parts and labor charges may apply.


A Base Bike Fit will take you through some of the basics of bike positioning. It typically does not address most of the rider-specific considerations (such as flexibility, knee tracking, core strength, previous injuries, etc). A bike sizing is like getting a new suit and having the pants hemmed.

A Retul Motion Capture Fit creates a custom-tailored position to match your body to your bike. It considers the unique and subtle biomechanical nuances of your riding position to solve basic and complex issues to cover every aspect of your relationship with your bike. It will address any equipment or position-related ailments and optimize your position for comfort, efficiency, and power. It’s like getting a head-to-toe tailored suit!

No. The concepts of Body Geometry Fit have been upgraded and incorporated into the Retül fit system to use more advanced procedures and state-of-the-art technology.

We can fit almost every type of bike including road, triathlon, time trial, mountain, fitness, cyclocross, and pedal-assist bikes. We usually don’t perform fits on three-wheelers or recumbents, but would be open to having a conversation with you about your issues to see if we can find a solution through a fit. If you would like to have a fit performed on a tandem, please speak directly with one of our Retül certified fitters.

In order to promote the experience we believe all riders should be able to enjoy, we are proud to employ a dedicated full-time staff of Certified Master Fit Specialists. This staff represents the most knowledgeable, thorough, and professional fit personnel in the industry today. All our fit professionals have been trained and certified by Specialized as well as other fitting schools and programs, and as a result, will offer the most up-to-date methods and solutions found in the cycling world today. What does that mean for you? It means solutions instead of theories through proven technology, thoughtful support on your position, and a decreased wait time to get in for your service.

Absolutely! We can fit any bike from any bike shop. We want you to enjoy riding your bike no matter if you purchased it from us or not.

Any type of rider can benefit from a Retül Fit! Whether you're riding with a local group or just getting back into riding after years away from the bike, everyone deserves to be comfortable and no one should ride in pain. If you want to be more comfortable on the bike and be as efficient as possible, then the Retül Fit is a great option for you.

Whether you compete in local crit races, all-day road races, IRONMAN triathlons, enduro mountain bike events, Cyclocross races, or any kind of pedal-powered racing on two wheels, the most efficient riding position is the fastest. Being properly fit on the bike allows you to get the most out of your equipment, maximize your training, and squeeze every last drop out of your natural abilities. Additionally, wind tunnel studies have proven that the proper riding position is also the most aerodynamic riding position for that rider. The best part is, every cyclist benefits from this not just athletes.

All our Fitting and Sizing services are done by appointment only. Our fit specialists see multiple clients each day and the schedule can fill up quickly. Call or stop by the location of your choice to schedule your fit. When you book your fit, we will take a deposit equal to the full price of the service. To minimize wait time and avoid cutting into others fitting appointments, we ask that you arrive 15 to 20 minutes early. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, you may be subject to a reschedule at the fitter's discretion and/or a forfeit of your deposit. By booking an appointment with us, you are accepting the terms of our cancellation policy.

Please bring the following items to your session:

  • Your bike – During your session, your bike will be placed in a trainer to allow for your cycling biomechanics to be recreated inside the studio. Please make sure your bicycle is clean and ready to be adjusted.
  • Your shoes - If you are hoping to purchase new shoes at the time of the fitting, great! Please just let us know when booking your appointment as we will want to allow for a slightly longer timeframe to accommodate the sizing and selection of this purchase.
  • Your pedals - We stock cleats for most pedal systems should your cleats need replacing.
  • Cycling shorts or tri suit – These should fit well to ensure we can take accurate measurements.
  • Jersey or base layer – Be sure to wear a jersey or top that is snug across the shoulders as we need to be able to see your shoulders for the most accurate measurement. A sleeveless jersey or top is also acceptable.
  • Helmet – In particular instances, we may want your Triathlon/TT helmet.
  • Proprietary bits - If your bike has any kind of "integrated" stem, seat post, or tri-bar set up, please bring all spacers and fittings provided with the bike. *Please also check stem bolts, seat post, saddle clamps and seat post clamps for corrosion prior to your fit to ensure that these parts can be easily adjusted during the fit process.
  • It is also recommended to avoid the application of lotions and sunscreens the day of your fit so that the motion capture ‘dots’ can adhere to the skin.

While we all love to ride bikes any chance we get, it is best that you show up to your fit appointment ‘cold’ and dry. This allows our fitters to perform your physical assessment with greater accuracy, as well as allowing the motion capture dots of the Retul system to adhere to your clothing and skin.

Yes! During a Retül Fit, we will assess the structure of your feet for proper cleat fore/aft placement and rotation.

Our bodies are dynamic and always changing. As your weight varies, your strength grows and fades, and you get older, your position on the bike is subject to change. Re-evaluating your position on a yearly basis is a great idea to consider if you are serious about your cycling ventures.

We do our very best to make sure everything is perfect when we perform a fit. However, sometimes riding in the real world can vary from riding on a trainer. We guarantee all our fit and sizing services for 30 days from the day of purchase.

When you have a Retül fit performed, our fitter will contact you after you’ve had some time to ride your bike and adapt to the new position (this may take several rides). If we need to make some adjustments, they will schedule a follow-up session for you at no charge.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your sizing session, we will perform one complimentary follow-up within 30 days, by appointment only.

We really, really hate having to charge for no-shows and cancellations but, unfortunately, they are extremely costly to us. We know life gets in the way sometimes, but to be fair to all our customers, our cancellation policy is as follows:

  • Less than 48-hour cancellation - 25% of the deposit forfeit
  • Less than 24-hour reschedule – 50% of the deposit forfeit
  • Less than 24-hour cancellation or No Show - 100% of the deposit forfeit
  • More than 15 minutes Late – Reschedule or Cancellation (at our discretion)


“I rode the Veloway today and for the first time I felt relaxed. My butt fit the seat, I could fit my sits bones in either side and my QL wasn't killing me … I'm able to ride again because of you.”  - Danielle K

 “I just got off the bike after what was, by far, the most comfortable, powerful (for me), and smooth ride I've been on in months. Speed was higher, heart rate lower (for a given effort), and I simply felt like I had more energy. And all this in spite of the heat! I'm attributing it to getting my position back where it's supposed to be.”  - Scott T

“I am absolutely stunned with how wonderful the bike and the rides feel after the fit … I feel like the bike and I are steadier and work as a unit to a much greater degree…less wiggling around, knees going one way and the body and bike the other way, etc. The riding position is much improved as well and now, just being in the correct position, is much more natural and requires far less effort whereas before I had to really work for it. Pedal stroke power is much improved, too. I no longer feel like I have been beaten up after I get off the bike. No walking around all achy and back hurting for the next many hours. I cannot even begin to express how big a difference the fit made and how much more enjoyable it is to be on the bike … Best money I ever spent.”  - Mike M

“Definitely my best ride yet. You made a tremendous difference. My seat is much better and my legs are functioning better. I did not have the unbearable seat pain that I had before.”  - Trissa C

“The fitting you did for me the other day ... was the key to allowing me to enjoy our Durango trip as much as I did. ... I was able to do 29 miles on the Hermosa Creek Trail with almost 2,000 feet of gain and over 5,000 of drop and ZERO knee or hip pain at all.”  - Michael M

“Did the 34 mile Steiner Ranch Steak House Ride today and I could tell a HUGE difference (in a good way). Much better power, better speed when I spin up, and everything just feels really good. After the ride, nothing feels sore...feel like I could ride 40 more. I'm VERY happy with the fit!"  - Kevin W