Electric Bikes

Ride one and you'll know – electric bicycles will change everything. Start pedaling as you would any bike and a small motor assist will silently kick on in the background to provide an initial boost to get you going. The motor will also sense when to help you ride effortlessly up steep hills or cut through headwind like butter. It's the bliss of easy-going bike riding even when you're charging through San Francisco-like terrain. They're a blast to ride.

E-bikes offer the same benefits as standard bicycles like improvements to health and drastic cost savings over driving a car or scooter. But the added bonus to freely choose any route and still enjoy the ride will turn many people into daily riders and aid some into switching to a car-free lifestyle.

Plus, Austin Energy is offering a rebate to eligible customers for up to $300 to purchase a qualifying electric bike!

Electric bikes have been heavily adopted in places where bikes are commonly used as a form of transportation, such as China and Europe. Popular American sentiment, however, equates bikes to sport and competition. This lean towards athletic prowess in regards to bicycles has propagated the local misconception of electric bikes being a form of "cheating" and has kept U.S. e-bike ownership down. But with growing populations and ever-increasing traffic, the need for alternative forms of transportation will soon displace the "for sport only" mindset and e-bikes will flood onto the scene.

Power in the Ride

E-bikes keep you physically and mentally connected to the road while reducing the amount of effort needed with a standard bike. The extra boost gives riders a fearless approach to hilly terrain and simultaneously allows them to arrive at a destination significantly less sweaty – all while skirting mind-numbing traffic via Austin's expanding bike infrastructure. Riders with health issues, such as asthma and those recovering from knee injuries, are able to get back on the bike and ride more often through the power assist. And with bonus features such as free parking and $0 fuel costs, e-bikes can save their riders money and ease stress on the environment. These traits will entice many causal riders to become daily riders, which is great for the community and individual health. And did we mention that they're just insanely fun to ride?

Electric Mountain Bikes

Now you can take the power out to the trails! With the pedal-assist motor of the Specialized Turbo Levo, you're able to take on more terrain and miles in one session than your legs would normally allow. It's the same great experience of riding a Stumpjumper, only with more jump.