El Diablo FAQs

el diablo poker dash and bash


What time does the ride start?

Please arrive at 7:30 AM to sign the ride waiver and get a wristband. The wristband will correspond to the game/ride of your choice. Wheels down at 8 AM.

How much does the ride cost?

The ride is free! 

Is there a packet pick-up?

No, there is no packet for the ride. Simply arrive at the Bicycle Sport Shop South Lamar store at 7:30 AM to sign a waiver and pick up a wristband. If you want to be set up to ride quicker, sign the Online Rider Waiver and show it at morning registration.

How long is the ride? How long will it take?

The ride can be however long you'd like. If you're playing the 5-card poker game, you'll need to start and finish at the Lamar store and ride to our Bee Cave, Parmer, Research, and Guadalupe stores to pick up playing cards. How you get to each store and in what order is up to you, but it must be by bike, because, come on. The distance will be roughly 66 miles. 

If you want to do the 3-card ride, then you need to ride to 3 stores of your choice. Research, Guadalupe, and Lamar are our suggested combo for this ride and is about a 30-mile route.

Is there a ride leader or sweep?

No. This is all you, baby. Be self-sufficient and know the route you want to take. Please use a GPS system...and ride with friends!

Do I have to ride the suggested route?

Nope. We have suggested routes, but the route you take is entirely up to you! Just remember to plan the store's opening times, 9 AM, into your route. 

5-card Stud Suggested Route Map >

3-card Poker Suggested Route Map >

Are there rest stops?

The Bicycle Sport Shop Bee Cave, Parmer, Research, and Guadalupe stores make great rest stops.

Is there a SAG vehicle?

No. This is an unsupported ride.

What if I get a flat tire?

Since this is an unsupported ride, you’ll need to have the necessary items to repair a flat.

Will there be beer and food post-ride?

Of course! Real Ale Brewing Company is providing beer. We’ll be serving free beer in the Bicycle Sport Shop South Lamar parking lot from 11:30-2 PM (or until supplies run out). There will also be music and food available for purchase.

Will there be food pre-ride?

Before and during the ride, the stores will be open where you can purchase nutrition items.

What style of poker is this?

Five-card stud for the long ride and 3-card poker for the short ride. 

How do I collect cards?

The playing cards will be available to pick up at stores’ cash registers. They will hand you a card and mark it. You must start at the Bicycle Sport Shop South Lamar Store for your wristband. The suggested route’s first stop is at Bicycle Sport Shop Bee Cave (first card) with a second stop at Bicycle Sport Shop Parmer (second card), and the third stop at Bicycle Sport Shop Research (third card), and the fourth stop at Bicycle Sport Shop Guadalupe (fourth card), visited in any order to correlate with your personal route. The last card will be collected when you return to Lamar.

For the 3-card ride, you'll ride to Research (first card), to Guadalupe (second card), then back to Lamar (third card).

If I don’t get all the cards, can I still present my hand?

No, you’ll need all playing cards marked from the ride of your choice in order to present your hand. If you choose the 5-card ride and have a 5-card wristband, you cannot play for the 3-card prize.

What does the winning hand get?

The winning five-card stud poker hand will receive a $250 gift card to Bicycle Sport Shop. The winning 3-card poker player receives a $100 gift card.

What if there’s a tie? Is there a tiebreaker?

If there’s a tie, we’ll pull a name out of a hat.

Where do I park?

You can find parking in the lots off of Toomey Road by the baseball fields. Please pay attention to meters. Or, better yet, ride your bike to the ride!