Castelli Club Order FAQs

**FYI: Credit card charges are not labeled as coming from Castelli. They are instead from in_fuga

Q: What is the difference between Castelli and the club-issued clothing I receive in my membership packet?
A: Castelli is known for designing high-quality, race apparel. For club members interested in racing in race-specific apparel or who are simply more comfortable in the race-cut fit, Castelli may be a great alternative option for you in addition to the club-issued clothing.

Q: Is Castelli what I get with my club membership packet?
A: No. The Castelli gear is a perk for club members because they can purchase high-quality race gear at a discounted price. The club jersey is made by Primal and the tri top is made by Pearl Izumi and they both have a different fit from the Castelli gear.

Q: Can I buy Castelli Gear whenever I want?
A: Yes, we carry Castelli gear at our stores! But, if you're interested in custom club gear, you'll have to order when the quarterly order window is open. Not only will you be able to order Castelli apparel in our custom club design, you'll be able to get it at the club-member discounted rate! The order window dates will be announced in Club E-mails and in the club Facebook group, so stay tuned.

Q: Are there minimums?
A: Yes, there is a minimum we must hit for the order to be processed. The minimum for vests, jackets, tops, shorts, and accessories is 10 per gender. The minimum for suits is 5 per gender. While the order window is open, we'll post updates to the Facebook group when the minimum is hit per piece or how close we are to hitting it. Those who place an order for item which doesn't meet the minimum will be refunded.

Q: What happens after I place my order?
A: Now, we wait. Production time for our custom order is usually 6-8 weeks. The order will be delivered to the Bicycle Sport Shop warehouse and then distributed to the store of your choosing where they'll be placed on-hold until you come by and pick it up. You'll be refunded for any items that did not meet the minimum.

Q: What about other items not in this window?
A: There's more to come! Because there are so many options and each piece has a required minimum order, we don't offer every piece in every order window. We roll out the various pieces depending on the time of year and their expected delivery date to coincide with race schedules and seasonality.