BSSU Free Classes

BSSU Free Classes

Cost - $0
at Lamar, Parmer, Research, Bee Cave and Guadalupe

The essential skills every cyclist should have in their back pocket. Whether you need to change your own tire or help a fellow cyclist on the road, this class will go over the basics of changing a flat, inspecting the tire, and gauging the appropriate tire pressure. For class, just bring yourself, no need to bring your bike! 

Class Schedule

Our Free BSSU classes are available at each location starting at 6 PM.

Lamar Store: 1st Tuesday, 1st Wednesday (Ladies Only)
Research Store: 3rd Wednesday and 4th Wednesday (Ladies Only)
Parmer Store: 2nd Tuesday
Bee Cave Store: 4th Tuesday
Guadalupe Store: 3rd Tuesday
If you have questions, or a class isn't available, please contact [email protected].



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