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It is a definite stress reliever, but I also like to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life to spend some time on 2 wheels and clear my head. Plus the physical benefits of riding every day and the endorphins released are hard to beat. It has also been a really great way for me to meet new people and I have made some awesome friends through cycling.

First Bike

I had a Mongoose BMX bike when I was 10 years old that I liked to take to the dirt jumps by my house. I lost track of that bike but started riding again at 18 years old on a 1993 Trek 1100 road bike converted single-speed fixie. I tooled around the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin for 3 years on that bike before moving to Austin and consider that my first "real bike".

Fun off the bike

In addition to being a huge bike nerd, I am also a huge coffee and beer nerd. I am always hunting down new coffee shops and craft beers to try out. I also enjoy spending time with my girlfriend Sarah and our dog Pooka. In my free time, I like to cook, play guitar, play frisbee, and use puns and wordplay at every single opportunity possible. :)

Favorite place to ride

My favorite place I have ever ridden would definitely have to be Santa Cruz campus trails on a trip I took to the Santa Cruz factory in California. The trails were flowy and fast and had some of the most gorgeous views. My go-to trail here in Austin is Brushy Creek. Its got a little bit of everything from techy to flowy to jumpy, and is within riding distance from the shop and my house.

Spirit Animal

My spirit animal is a teenage giraffe because I'm tall and kind of clumsy, but also friendly and carefree.

Most desired superpower

I would choose super strength because that is probably the most applicable to daily life while still being low key enough to not draw anyone's attention. I've read enough comics to know that you don't want people knowing you have powers. Plus it would help me send it on the mountain bike. Win-win! 

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