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I ride to discover new places that I would otherwise probably never come across. I have come across so many hidden gems when riding my bike. Some are places that I have driven by a thousand times but never slowed down to really take everything in and some are places I discover totally on accident (sometimes by getting lost). 

First Bike

I believe I was 3 or 4 and it was a pink barbie bike that I got for Christmas. My first "real" bike was when I was 16 it was a Klein road bike that belonged to my friend's mother that she would never ride. He and I would go ride together all of the time so it just kind of became mine.

Fun off the bike

Photography, hiking and swimming with my two dogs, gardening, cooking, board game days/nights with friends, reading, and the occasional video game.

Favorite place to ride

Riding near my parent's ranch outside of Houston is really nice because there are very few cars on the roads. They also built dirtbike/mountain bike trails on the property which is nice as well. Brushy Creek is also great because the complex has a little bit of everything. Great MTB trails, trails you can ride your CX bike on, and a paved path for road cycling.

Spirit Animal

Sleepy Husky, because I'm all sass and love naps.

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