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Fun off the bike

I enjoy fishing with my dad, taking my jeep out to Big Bend or the Guadalupe Mountains for a camping trip with friends. I love reading and hanging out at the river with my girlfriend -- on weekends we will take out the kayaks and cruise down the San Marcos river. I enjoy snowboarding and have to get in at least a couple weeks every year or else I would go crazy! 

Favorite place to ride

Beaver Creek, Co is my favorite place to ride, they have all sorts of terrain from downhill to intense climbing throughout the Rockies. The trails lead from the resort down into Avon and even across the highway throughout the rolling hills, it is majestic view after majestic view, whether you are looking for the smallest gear to race your friends to the bottom (last person buys the beer) or going out for a cross-country ride into the surrounding cities. Beaver Creek has it all! My favorite trail is in San Marcos would be Purgatory, and within that is Dantes Trail which is pretty sweet from technical climbing to steep descents in and out of river beds. Just a couple miles down the road at Canyon Lake, they have Madrone which would be my second favorite!

Spirit Animal

My spirit animal would be a honey badger, I think quitting is almost never an option and I try to finish everything I start (just as the honey badger). I usually take challenges head on and try to do them to the best of my ability. I might get stung a couple times along the journey but I will always come out with the mind set that I either gave it my all and lost or gave it my all and won with maybe a couple bruises and scars along the way. Without the struggle nothing is worth doing, the things that come easy are commonly the most mundane or forgotten. 

Most desired superpower

To make endless warm cookies (all sorts, too) and be able to pass them out to everyone. Can you imagine some dude is having a bad day and I just make a plate full of warm fresh chocolate chip cookies appear? It would be pretty epic and everyone would be happy. Everyone would have warm cookies. :)

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