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I ride for Fitness and I am somewhat competitive. I love looking over numbers and seeing results (power, average speed, etc.) 

Fun off the bike

I have an amazing family; two kids and my wife Jade. My time spent off the bike is spent with them doing fun things they love to do. Both of my kids are involved in sports, so practicing with them and running them to practice are some of the few things I do off the bike. I also enjoy just being with them and at home, watching movies and spending quality time. 

Favorite place to ride

My favorite place and where I ride most of my days are in two different locations. I do a ton of trainer work (again looking at numbers) but I definitely love to ride outdoors. My favorite place to ride is in San Diego, specifically along highway 101. I have laid down MANY miles along that highway. There is so much to enjoy, the ocean views, restaurants, houses, and it has some nice climbing alongside the coast. It is unbeatable. 

Desired Superpower

I would love to travel through time, to the past and the future. I think it's neat seeing the changes from each decade, something that has always intrigued me. 

Favorite Movie

Goodfellas for sure. I love them mafia movies.

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