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I started riding when I was 8 years old. Back then I rode my bike for the exhilarating feeling going fast gave me. I grew up in Wimberley Texas, and my neighborhood was engulfed in woods. I loved to take my bike out on the deer trails and meet up with friends to build forts. Biking quickly turned into a means of escape and a tool that cultivated my independence. Now I ride for fun, exercise, and tacos. Mainly tacos...

Favorite place to ride

My favorite place that I have ever ridden so far has been in Durango Colorado. I love the reward of amazing descents after grueling climbs, the views ain't bad either!

Fun off the bike

When I am not on the bike you will likely find me in the water. I don't swim laps, but I love to free dive or just lounge in one of the many streams around Austin. 

Spirit Animal

My spirit animal is the bear. I am fiercely independent, clumsy, and sometimes cuddly. 

Most desired superpower

If I had a superpower it would be to fly. I was at one point in my life in privet pilot school and was on track to getting my license. There is something very humbling about viewing the earth from far away. It makes me feel small, and everything that comes with being me. All of my problems stop feeling like problems. Being up high makes me feel grounded, as weird as that sounds. 

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