Adventure Bikes

The weather is growing cooler and you’re itching for a longer ride. Bicycle Sport Shop has the bike and the gear to get you out of town and onto open stretches of road. The destination doesn’t matter, just the adventure. And we have the perfect adventure bike for you.

Specialized Sequoia Elite, $1,999.99

The Specialized Sequoia is the latest in adventure cycling. With a chro-mo frame, you’re still getting the benefits of a sturdy and ride-tuned bike without the added weight. Add in mechanical disc brakes, a long wheelbase, 42mm wide 2Bliss ready tires, and you’ve got all the comfort for a long ride through the countryside. It’s equipped with ample rack and fender mounts, so you can carry as much or as little as you need.

So what did all that mean, and why is it specific to adventure bikes?

  • Chro-mo frame: Chromoly (Chrome Molybdenum) steel is a light, strong steel. It is typically butted and shaped so it's thicker at the welds and thinner in between to save weight which makes a fairly light frame that will last. Chromoly is responsive and offers good flex while maintaining its form, but strong enough and specifically designed to deal with the unique forces and stress points put upon the bike due to the extra weight of your gear.
  • Racks & Mounts: A typical bike will only have two spots for a water bottle cage. Adventure bikes, however, are built with several attachment points for racks, fenders, extra water bottles, pumps, and lights. Because the mounts are already built into the bike, the design accounts for the weight at these points and will offer a better ride than if these are retrofitted.
  • Disc Brakes: Disc brakes have become more popular due to the increased stopping power in wet and muddy conditions. The Sequoia Elite keeps the brakes mechanical (vs hydraulic in a lot of mountain bikes) so that they are easy and stress-free to maintain on the road.
  • Long wheelbase: Wheelbase is the horizontal distance between the centers (or the ground contact points) of the front and rear wheels. A long wheelbase offers a better straight line, takes less effort to balance and hold the bike up, is more stable in high speeds, and gives room for your feet to not collide with fenders and panniers.
  • Wide, tubeless tires: Wider tires also offer stability on the road during long treks. The option to go tubeless (2Bliss is what Specialized calls their tubeless ready set-up) means less time worrying about punctures and tubes when traveling on debris-riddled streets, or rocky dirt roads.

Here's a look at the Sequoia Elite from our store, and gear we recommend to go with it:

The Gear

Start your adventure with these products shown on the bike above and more by visiting one of our five Bicycle Sport Shop locations.

Specialized Burra Handle Bag Harness: The unique design of the handlebar bag harness allows you to carry the Burra Burra Drypack, or other gear, up front on the bars without the threat of it bouncing, sagging, or coming loose when you're miles from anywhere.

Specialized Burra Top Tube Bag: While one of the smallest options at 7 liters, the Burra top tube bag comes in extra handy for smaller ride essentials and gear. It features a nylon-coated mesh construction that's weather-resistant in order to keep the bag's contents safe and dry, and a simple-to-use, three-point Velcro® attachment system for taking it on and off the bike.

Specialized Burra Burra FramePack 5: The Burra Framepack measures out to 45x5.5x12cm, and features a strong and sturdy six-point attachment system.

Specialized Burra Burra Stabilizer Seatpack 20: The largest seat bag in the Specialized line, the Burra Seatpack 20 allows you to swap the weight of a rear rack and replace it with this bag. It affixes to the seatpost via an aluminum stabilizer arm that minimizes any bouncing or side-to-side swaying under load. The pack itself is highly resistant to inclement weather.

Revelate Designs Mountain Feedbag: One of the many great adventure bags from Revelate, the Mountain Feedbag offers ample food storage with one-handed access via a simple drawcord system. Its dual mesh pockets are a great place for sunscreen and small items.

Bicycle Sport Shop Team Member Setups

Matty, Salesperson

My ride: 2016 Specialized CruX E5 X1 with Sram Force 1/ Roval Control SL SCS
My favorite adventure destination: I really enjoy riding the entirety of the Brushy Creek Regional Trail. From Cedar Park all the way to Round Rock, there is plenty of terrain variety between single track and chip seal, and lots of opportunities to explore around.
I won't leave home without: My favorite accessory is my Flux Expert headlight. It packs a punch at 1200 lumens, being a worthy trail light for night time riding as well as a highly visible daytime running light. It mounts cleanly and securely onto the bars using a metal bracket, so I never have to worry about it falling off.


Allison, Soft Good Buyer

My ride: All CIty Nature Boy
My favorite adventure destination: Riding out to McKinney falls after work for an overnight and then up early to get back in time for work the next day! My goal trip is to do a multi day bikepacking trip on the mountain bike in Big Bend.
I won't leave home without: Bontrager Ion front and Flare rear lights. They are daytime visible which makes me safer sharing the road with cars on the way out to McKinney, and USB rechargeable so I can top them off when I arrive with a portable battery charger.


James, Service Manager

My ride: Salsa Fargo gen1. It can run full size 29" mtb tires for offroad adventures. I run 32c for fast road traveling and can still hit dirt roads.
My favorite adventure destination: Hill Country natural area to Garner State part via Vanderpool/Leaky.
I won't leave home without: External battery charger for Phone/Garmin.


Ben, Warehouse Receiver

My ride: SURLY OGRE.
My favorite adventure destination: Ride out to McKinney Falls State Park and swim.
I won't leave home without: GARMIN EDGE 25.


Al, Salesperson

My ride: All-City Macho Man disc.
My favorite adventure destination: New Sweden Church.
I won't leave home without: Revelate top tube bag.