2019 Santa Cruz

santa cruz 2019

2019 Santa Cruz bikes have hit the floor at Bicycle Sport Shop! Two of the models best suited for riding around Austin and the gnarly central Texas trails, the 5010 and the Bronson, have been redesigned to take your ride to a whole new level. Stop by to take one for a spin and learn more about which model is perfect for your next adventure.

santa cruz 2019 5010

Introducing the thrasher's all-terrain play machine. A laser-sharp, agile trail whip that turns on a dime and loves to pop and play. The 130mm-travel 5010 sports short chainstays and a low BB for a uniquely playful character and an insatiable appetite for negotiating steep, technical climbs.

santa cruz 2019 bronson

The Bronson is ideal for enduro riders and anyone looking for a burlier bike. The new design borrows frame technology from the Nomad with a new lower-link mounted shock which considerably improves the feel of the rear end from the previous generation.