2019 Fairdale Bikes

Fairdale Bikes strive to "heighten the rider's experience" and ut the focus of each of their bikes on the FUN of the ride. Designed right here in Austin, TX, their new line of 2019 bikes do just that... 

Fairdale 2019 Express

The no-frills, single-speed bike ideal for zipping around town.

Fairdale 2019 flyer
The bike ready to "just go for a ride."

Fairdale 2019 lookfar

With one simple trigger shifter to rule them all...including rough terrain.

Fairdale 2019 Lookfar Drop
Lookfar Drop
The perfect entry-level gravel bike.

Fairdale 2019 Taj

A BMX bike that you can actually sit down on and pedal.

Fairdale 2019 weekender archer
Weekender Archer
The "light-tourer” that works as a weekday commuter and a weekend getaway machine.

Fairdale 2019 weekender nomad
Weekender Nomad

Made to travel, it shines on the long haul.