2017 Specialized Ruby and Roubaix

Specialized has partnered with McLaren Applied Technologies to create the smoothest bikes available. In keeping with Specialized's tradition of "Smoother is Faster" and "Rider-First Engineered" design, the Specialized Ruby and Roubaix models were revamped with game-changing technology.

The most noticeable feature added to this year's models is the Future Shock. When the front wheel encounters rough terrain, the Future Shock allows the bike to move towards your hands through a frictionless, compressible spring able to travel 20MM. The shock absorbs the road's uneven surfaces to preserve your momentum and keep you from slowing down. Even with this added technology, the new models are the lightest Ruby and Roubaix frames made by Specialized.

The rear end of the bike also received an overhaul with the new Drop Clamp and CG-R seatpost. Now the ride is more compliant in the saddle, with the clamp sitting lower on the seat tube to provide more give when riding uneven terrain.

Models are releasing throughout the fall and the first of the 2017 Specialized Roubaixs have arrived at Bicycle Sport Shop. Come test one to feel the smoothest ride on the road.

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The Future Shock

When it comes to compliance, there are two competing schools of thought. In one corner, there's splay. In the other, there's axial compliance. Essentially, splay is the fore & aft movement of the front axle, relative to the frame, as a result of any bending of the frame and fork. Meanwhile, axial (or vertical compliance) can be characterized as the movement of the handlebars, relative to the front axle, as a result of fork, frame, and stem compliance.

The Drop Clamp and CG-R

The rear end has a very different set of compliance requirements than the front. It needs to soften the resonant impact that travels from the rear wheel to the saddle and to keep the seat height consistent. To hit their performance targets, without decoupling the rear end of the bike, the CG-R seatpost was paired with the new Drop Clamp to provide 20 degrees of rearward arc compliance.

The Lightest Road Frames Specialized Has Ever Made

While sizeable increases in both comfort and speed are huge accomplishments, Specialized was far from satisfied. That's why they also set out to create the lightest road frames that they've ever made, and after years of testing and tweaking, they say "mission accomplished." More impressively, though, this was achieved without sacrificing anything to compliance, comfort, or handling, so you get a bike that's truly built to perform over any kind of road, whether it's pointing up or down.